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Newton from Strategy Partner is a unique person that has the skills, knowledge and work experience that have made him successful in a variety of positions. He has functioned at the operations level managing and leading several facilities to accelerated performance. He has also been a leader at the corp. level in supporting operating facilities in significant improvements in process and operational improvements. I have had the pleasure of having Newton report to me in this roles. He has the ability to identify high performers and further develop them and build a successful team.  

Bill Bauer

Newton from Strategy Partner is a consummate professional which has always shown great skills in handling people while combining strategic thinking & dedication to the organization. He is a team player and will not hesitate to use his imagination to find innovative solutions to both technical and HR related issues. He was a great collaborator and addition to our team. 

Bernard Gregoire

Knowing one, personally and professionally, is indeed a privilege, a privilege as Newton Fernandez is truly a professional with a human heart that beats with conviction, stemming from his deep Faith and strong Servant-Leader principles. I have known, and still do, Newton for many, many years. Newton embodies the qualities that lends to the forward mobility, be it at the familial front or leading a team as an integral part of an organization. His ethically proven logical approach to tackle complex issues, conceptualize detailed strategic solutions that have been easy to implement, and convincingly deliver to goals-oriented objectives that give impetus to be a partner in progress speaks volumes of his industrious diligence, strong interpersonal skills, and capable competency. A man of true virtuous character, Newton, is truly a boon and a blessing. 

Aubrey Soares

Licensing and Certifications  

Six Sigma Green Belt 

Schulich School of Business - York University 

New member 

CMC Consultants 

Member of the Conference (MCA)  

Ontario Aerospace Council 


York University & Lean six sigma Canada 


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